Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification - Level 1

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    The essentials of indoor cycling are the foundation for every instructor, every 
class and every club. They represent an understanding of the equipment, environment and format, as well as, sound knowledge of proper training, form, technique, presentation and risk stratification.

    - Safety
    - Bike Setup
    - Proper Form and Technique
    - Cycling-Specific Training
    - Ride Design
    - Working with Music
    - Presentation & Communication

    Study and pass our extensive online exam (80% is required) to join the ranks amongst some of the best indoor cycling instructors. This is the base requirement for all instructors.

    Learning Objectives

    To demonstration the required knowledge and expertise of a Cycling Fusion Level 1 Indoor Cycling Instructor.

    Course Procedure

    Study the attached course manual. Take the test. You will have 2 Hours to complete the exam (You must score 80% to pass. You will be required to pay again to retake the exam.) Print your certificate of completion.

    Course Content

    Indoor Cycling Instructor - Essentials ExamTest
    Essential Training for Indoor Cycling (Manual)Article
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