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Welcome to our Education and Certification Portal. Use this website to take certification exams and obtain continuing education credits by taking tests associated with our published materials on partners websites such as the Indoor Cycling Association (ICA) and (ICI/Pro).

In addition to obtaining certifications and credits, this website will provide related downloadable resources, additional online courses and the ability to manage all of your continuing education for Cycling Fusion.
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Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification - Level 1

Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification - Level 1

The essentials of indoor cycling are the foundation for every instructor, every 
class and every club. They represent an understanding of the equipment, environment and format, as well as, sound knowledge of proper training, form, technique, presentation and risk stratification. TOPICS COVERED - Safety - Bike Setup - Proper Form and Technique - Cycling-Specific Training - Ride Design - Working with Music - Presentation & Communication